We're Heidi & Ben

We love to laugh, believe learning should be fun and that

parents deserve stellar pics of their kiddos.

We prank each other often to keep laughing, because life can get INTENSE! All that tension has to go somewhere, why not aim it at your best friend?

College Sweethearts

While in class, I passed Ben a note to get his attention. He was sporting the wolverine look, so I wasn't sure he could really see me through all that hair! He "checked yes"! And promptly showed me pics of his non-wolverine days.

Dream Buddies

We sent our hopes & dreams into the sky on our wedding night.  Dreams of brighter days yet to come, with the hope of our new future. *Our friend on fire duty was mostly worried our hopes and dreams were going to set fire to a nearby field. Luckily, they didn't.

Travel Cohorts

We are passionate about finding ourselves within the noise of life. Traveling, reading, & photography each TEACH US as we listen to, and witness the stories of others. 

Our Family

We officially started our photography business in 2015 and welcomed our kiddo shortly thereafter. It has been one crazy ride, but along the way we've built a stronger family through photos. And that's an idea worth spreading around.



How photos BUILT our family

Ben here! Ever since we started dating, I have been in AWE of how committed Heidi has been about documenting and recording our lives together. Her passion for the camera runs in the family, especially from her father, Dan. Any time he could get his hands on a camera or camcorder, he would be filming little family moments: performances, meltdowns, vacations, you name it. 

His simple act of love, of caring enough to record her life for her to see later, left a huge impact on their family once he passed away. Heidi's mom, Debby, carried on the tradition too.

They've both passed on now, and it's such a wonderful GIFT to see videos of baby Heidi next to our son, and to point to the screen and show him video and photos of a grandma and grandpa who love him dearly, but whom he'll never meet.

Photos help bridge the gap in time. 

We display photos of our favorite memories and loved ones on our apple tv. As they scroll by, we re-live memories that help us recall the good times. It shapes how we see ourselves and our history together.


Discover our Top 5 Secrets on how to Cure the Blur! We'll teach you step-by-step how to get the absolute best pics of your kiddos, with just your phone!


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